In the 21st century, the utilization of information and knowledge decides everything, and we call this lifelong journey "Learning". We are moving away from traditional class and corporate settings to collaborative, interactive and ubiquitous learning environment Learn more

"Content is a core component of E-Learning". iVedu provides - ad hoc - tools that facilitates content sharing through educational institutes in an intuitive and simple way Learn more

Interactivity requires a fundamental change in the way education delivered. Students and teachers must rely on each other to access sources of knowledge and share their information.Learn more

"iVedu helped us a lot to evolve at all levels, student learns efficiently, teachers interact continuously and parents are always monitoring …… This is what we really needs"

Dr. Esmat Elwy, School Owner, Elwy Schools

"really precious to have a system that can do a lot of things in a simple and intuitive way"

Dr. Yasser Dawa, Principal, AMS International/p>